UK Charity Worker Visa

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The UK Charity or Volunteer Worker Visa allows you to work for a sponsored organization in the country for a period, usually 12 months. You can apply to go to the UK to work as a volunteer for an approved organization. To work for a charity in the UK, however, you must first obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer who has a permit from the British government to do so. This visa type also allows you to travel with your dependant to the UK.

 Your work in the UK must be pertinent to the objectives of the organization sponsoring you there.


A Certificate of Sponsorship

A certificate of sponsorship is a unique reference number that holds information about the job you will undertake and your personal details. It is not a certificate or paper document.

The sponsorship certificate will be provided to you by your sponsor.

Additionally, your sponsor is required to provide you with the details of your job that were included on your Certificate of Sponsorship, such as your working hours and any other important terms pertaining to the work you are expected to perform.

Your sponsor must be recognized by the UK government to give Certificates of Sponsorship.

To learn more about this visa category on the UK immigration website, click here.

How EF Global Service will help you:

Some of these businesses, which have licenses from the UK government, are partners with EF Global Services. We’ll assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship so you can apply for a visa. We will also assist you to apply for a UK visa under this category if you give us permission to do so.


* Opportunity to travel with family

* Accommodation

* Meals

* You can work in other jobs

* You can switch to other visa types on completion of your volunteer work.


To Start the Process:

The first deposit is $150.

Total Payment: $2300

After obtaining the Sponsorship Certificate, you will pay the sum of $1200.

After your Visa is activated, you are responsible for paying the remaining $1,100.


The complete payment will cover:

 * Certificate of Sponsorship

 * Visa Application.

Feeding and accommodation are provided by the sponsoring organization. 

Volunteer work for the nonprofit organization that is funding you for a year.

You are also permitted to work a total of 20 hours per week at a second job in the same industry while continuing to get paid.

If you travel with your spouse, they are free to hold a full-time job and collect payment for their services.

The applicant needs to provide a bank statement with a minimum balance of 1500 pounds for each applicant.

Every client should be aware that they are responsible for paying the visa fee and any other associated costs for their dependents.


* Certificates of educational completion

* Reference/recommendation

* International passport

* Purpose and intent declaration

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