Study, Live, and Work in Lithuania

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Study and Work in Lithuania

You can have the European trip of a lifetime by studying in Lithuania. Some of the best universities in the Baltics, including first-rate colleges, are located in Lithuania, a popular destination for students looking to study and work abroad. So, for a variety of reasons, Lithuania should be one of your considerations when choosing a country for your international study abroad program. The following list of five factors may influence your decision to study and work in Lithuania.

Affordability of Living in Lithuania:

Compared to other major European cities, studying in Lithuania is less expensive. Furthermore, international students are eligible for Lithuanian governmental scholarships. Besides the Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSP), the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) card, you can also benefit from these other student IDs:

It is no surprise that Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its rich cultural heritage and beautiful baroque architecture. Tourists flock here for a variety of reasons, including a laid-back vibe and an affordable cost of living. According to the most recent Mercer Cost of Living Index, Vilnius is one of the five most affordable cities for foreigners to live in Europe.


Lithuania open for 2023 admission

High Standard of Living in Lithuania:

Despite the country’s relatively low cost of living, residents enjoy a high standard of living. Getting about is a breeze thanks to the low cost and widespread availability of public transit. There are a wide variety of recreational and sporting activities, as well as public parks and amenities, available to all residents.

If you care about the environment, you’ll be pleased to learn that Lithuania has the region’s top Green City Index. The nation is renowned for producing a wide range of eco-friendly products, in addition to its pristine lakes and pine forests. The world’s best medical facilities and experts will also help you stay safe and healthy.


Visas are simple to obtain with Work Opportunities:

In 2018, 98.7% of Lithuanian Schengen Visa applications were approved, which should delight potential foreign students. Because it receives fewer applications than nearby countries like Germany and France, waiting times are shorter and the results are more favorable to the applicant. Additionally, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week to help support their educational expenses while studying in the country.

Besides, whereas many nations prohibit students from working during their abroad study experiences, Lithuania allows students to work up to 20 hours per week as long as they are enrolled in school to help support their educational expenses while studying in the country.


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Exciting Cultural Diversity:

Lithuania has a rich history and a vibrant contemporary culture. The historic town of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the country’s diverse population celebrates numerous international festivals and celebrations throughout the year, many of which have been influenced by surrounding countries.

With such a diverse population, Lithuanians take part in many international festivities, including Easter, when the traditional Marguiai manner of decorating eggs is performed. Foreigners’ contributions to city life, including cuisine, are celebrated in cities around the country. Think “cepelinai” (stuffed potato

Whether it’s “dumplings,” “akotis” (a traditional spit cake), or “beetroot soup,” Lithuania is home to a wide variety of fresh, intriguing foods.


Explore Europe while you’re enrolled in classes in Lithuania:

In light of its geographical location, Lithuania can serve as a springboard to the rest of Europe for students and others. As a result of its proximity to Germany and Denmark, as well as Latvia, Belarus, and Poland, the country is a popular destination for tourists. The Vilnius and Kaunas airports offer flights to key European locations, or you can utilize the country’s extensive rail network. This way, you’ll be able to visit Paris one weekend and Amsterdam the next, and ditto for other European cities.


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