Visa Renewal Interviews for Nigerian Students not Necessary- USA Embassy

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Visa renewal interviews for Nigerian students are not necessary anymore, according to the information from the US Embassy.

Visa renewal interviews for Nigerian students are no longer necessary, according to the US Embassy.

The United States Embassy and Mission in Nigeria has declared that Nigerian students wishing to further their education in the United States will not be required to go through an assessment.

According to a statement posted on the embassy’s website on Thursday, April 21, 2022, this is the case.

“If you are presently studying in the United States, you may be eligible to extend your student visa without having to go through an interview when you return to Nigeria this summer,” according to the statement in part.

“To qualify for this procedure, you must be physically in Nigeria renewing a student visa that is still valid, or has expired within the past 24 months and is; renewing your visa either to: (a) continue participation in the same major course of study even if at a different institution; or (b) attend the same institution even if in a different major course of study.”

Specifically, the statement advised students applying from Abuja to visit: and follow instructions to complete your application and visit a designated DHL facility to drop off your application.”


Additionally, applicants from Lagos are to visit and follow the instructions to make an interview waiver appointment for a student visa. You must come in person to the U.S. Consulate on the date and time of your appointment.

Again, applicants from Abuja are advised to include in their application “a printout of their Submission letter (printed from; completed DS-160; an approved I-20; receipt for your I-901 SEVIS fee; GTBank (MRV) receipt for your visa fee; your passport containing the expired student visa; and a passport photograph meeting these requirements.”

Students who do not match the above-mentioned conditions, according to the statement, should book a regular appointment. 

Follow the guides

“If someone in your family or group, does not meet the qualifications above, they must schedule a regular appointment.  Each applicant must meet the qualifications individually. For instance, we cannot accept a renewal for a child because the parent qualifies under these guidelines. In that case, the child would need to schedule an appointment and come to the Embassy or Consulate for an interview.”

“To remove a dependent that does not qualify for a; student renewal from your profile, please follow these steps: Log in to the primary applicant’s profile; Click New Scheduling Appointment; Follow the steps until you reach Step 6; At step 6, check for the dependent’s information and click “x” to; remove the dependent’s information from the primary applicant’s profile.”

Student renewal

“Scheduled applicants who qualify for the student renewal based on the above criteria can cancel their appointments and re-apply. During the rescheduling process, you will be asked questions confirming; your eligibility for the student renewal program, and be provided instructions on how to submit the application through the document delivery center. Scheduling instructions can be found on this embassy’s website”

Additionally, those who do not qualify for a student renewal were instructed not to cancel their scheduled appointment, according to the statement.

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