International students, the University of Manchester has funding opportunities for you!

International students, the University of Manchester has funding opportunities for you!
International students, the University of Manchester has funding opportunities for you!

The University of Manchester, renowned for its research and academic excellence, is pleased to announce the availability of international scholarship opportunities in the years 2023 and 2024.

Over a hundred international students who are currently funding their education will receive some sort of financial aid through this scholarship. Scholarships are available, but applicants should be aware that they are highly competitive and will be granted solely based on academic merit.

Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Manchester, UK

Scholarship Type: Partial Funding

Host Institution(s): University of Manchester, UK

Scholarship Worth: Up to £40,000

Number of Awards: 100

Study Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Nationality: International Students

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Scholarships to attend the University of Manchester in 2023 | FACTS.

The University’s Faculties and Schools have developed a wide variety of specialized programs to assist their students. Funding opportunities for international students are listed below.

  • Scholarships for International Academic Achievement in Science and Engineering at Manchester.

For any international fee-paying, the independently-funded student can apply for the scholarship through UCAS. Twenty awards are available, each one worth £3,000 per year for a maximum of four years of college.

  • This year’s recipient of international acclaim is the Morton Prize.

Students from outside the United States who are majoring in Chemical Engineering or Analytical Science and are self-funding their education are eligible to receive the Morton Award for International Excellence. Top students can win up to £60,000 in scholarship money over their four years of college.

  • Funding Opportunities in International Pharmacy Practice.

For international, self-funded pharmacy students, the award is £2,000 annually. Potential candidates can get in touch with for details.

  • Scholarship Award in Optometry Around the World.

This annual award of £2,000 is given to an international student studying optometry who demonstrates exceptional academic promise. Questions? Email us at

  • Grants for International Study in Psychology.

Five international students who have been accepted into the three-year Psychology program will each receive a merit-based bursary worth £2,000 per year. Questions? Email

  • Award for Academic Achievement in the Biological Sciences Department.

The School of Biological Sciences offers annual scholarships of £2,000 to international students accepted into any of its undergraduate degree programs. Please email for more details.

  • Fellowship for Freshmen in the School of Biological Sciences.

Overseas students who have been extended a place in the Biosciences Foundation Year are eligible to apply for a scholarship of £14,750. This award is for the first year of study only. Email if you’d like more details.

  • Honoring Exceptional Performance in the Classroom.

The top 0.5 percent of graduating undergrads at the University each year receive £1,000 in scholarships. Departments may nominate students for these scholarships; inquiries should be directed to

  • The BP Accomplishment Awards.

Undergraduates in the following fields are eligible to receive the annual award of $1,000: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including Geology), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics.

Course participants are asked to submit an essay of 1,000 words on a given topic. Award amounts range from $3,000 to $9,000, with a maximum of three given each year and within each Department. Advertisements via electronic mail and posters typically begin in December and run through February. Students are chosen based on their application/essay content as well as their entry qualifications/first-year examination results. For more details, please contact

  • Bursaries for Advanced Study in Science and Technology from BP.

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including Geology), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Astronomy, and receive £3,000 annually to put toward their education.

Applying to BP is a breeze online, so students enrolled in the right programs shouldn’t wait to get started (normally in November of their first year). Applications, online tests, and interviews are used to determine which students will be accepted. The scholarship is awarded annually based on the recipient’s academic performance. Email for more details.

  • Scholarships for undergraduates internationally who demonstrate academic excellence are being offered.

Scholarships of £2,000 per year are available to highly qualified international students enrolling in an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

  • Indian Academic Achievement Awards.

For their outstanding achievement in the International Baccalaureate program, three students from India will each receive £80,000. The top student will be awarded £40,000, to be disbursed over four years of study at £10,000 per year. Scholarships of £20,000 each will be awarded to two students, to be paid out over four years at an annual rate of £5,000.

  • Supporting students with the help of the William Boyd Dawkins Awards.

Students who earn an A+, A and A at the Advanced Placement examination are awarded £1,000. (or equivalent). Offer recipients must have committed to attending the University to be considered. Winners will receive a one-time payment of £1,000 in their first year of college. Please contact for further details.

  • Courses in Materials Science and Engineering.

If you are an exceptional home or international applicant to any of our Materials Science and Engineering Programs, you will be considered for a Department of Materials and Faculty Scholarship worth up to £5,000 if you have earned an A*A*A* in your A-levels (or the equivalent) or £3,000 if you have earned an A*A*A in your A-levels (or the equivalent) (or equivalent). Please contact for any further inquiries.

  • Funding for Mathematical Research Around the World.

A one-thousand-pound incentive is available to any incoming international student who can prove they can handle the mathematics portion of the entrance exam. This award is paid out annually for the duration of your undergraduate studies (three or four years), initially without needing to show proof of academic achievement, and then contingent upon your maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 65%. International students don’t need to apply for this scholarship; all eligible applicants will be considered. As soon as we determine if you meet the criteria for the International Mathematics Scholarship, we will send you an email.

  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Mathematics Around the World.

Each year, based on their performance in the previous year’s exams, the top students are given excellence scholarships worth up to £2,000 for one academic year. Please contact for further details.

  • Money for Excelling in Physics Award.

This £2,000 award is given to international students who have excelled academically in their first year of study and who are studying in the United Kingdom. Please contact for further details.

  • The National Instruments Engineering Scholarship Program.

First-year college students majoring in appropriate fields are eligible to receive a paid internship and future employment opportunities through this award.

  • Scholarships in Engineering from the Power Academy.

Winners of the award will receive a one-year membership to the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IET), a bursary, a contribution to their education costs (including tuition, fees, and textbooks/software), and professional development training. Send an email to if you want to learn more.

  • Scholarships awarded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Anyone serious about pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering or ready to take the next step in their professional career. You can contact or check out the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ website for more details.

  • The IET stands for the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

A student who is about to begin an IET-accredited Master of Engineering (MEng) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree program and who has earned or is expected to earn at least three Bs at the Associate Degree (AS) level is eligible to receive an annual award of up to £3,000. (or equivalent). Check out the IET website if you want to learn more.

  • The Alliance Manchester University School of Business.

To learn more about the Alliance Manchester Business School’s funding opportunities for international students, visit the school’s website.

  • An Honorary Degree in Law from the University of Manchester, and a Cash Prize.

This award can cover up to a quarter of the recipient’s annual out-of-country undergraduate tuition costs. Students from outside the country who wish to study law at the undergraduate level must pay the appropriate out-of-country tuition rate. Anyone starting their degree program in a year other than the first will not be eligible for the scholarship. Please visit the Department of Law’s website for more details.

Criteria for Eligibility

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for the University of Manchester Scholarships 2023:

  • Foreign students studying at the University on their own dime are encouraged to apply, provided they are enrolled in a qualifying program.
  • The prerequisites for entry into the University must have been met.

Guidelines for Making an Application.

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying for one of the University of Manchester Scholarships 2023, the first step is to apply for admission to the university and your chosen program of study. If you meet all of the scholarship criteria, you will be considered for the scholarship automatically.

Non-Specified Application Deadline

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


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