Grants for Scholars and Graduate Students to Visit the West African Research Center in 2023.

Grants for Scholars and Graduate Students to Visit the West African Research Center in 2023.
Grants for Scholars and Graduate Students to Visit the West African Research Center in 2023.

The West African Research Center is offering a travel grant infor1,500 plus a $1,500 stipend to qualified African scholars and graduate students who wish to conduct research at other African institutions or in other African regions during the academic year 2023.

By subsidizing research trips across Africa for African faculty and graduate students, the WARC Travel Grant encourages collaboration and information sharing among African academic institutions.

Funding for Academic Travel to West Africa in 2023 | SPECIFICS.

Only citizens of West Africa are eligible to apply for the Grant, and preference will be given to those who are already enrolled in or employed by a higher education or research institution in West Africa. The funding can be put toward attending and presenting at academic conferences in Africa, or it can be used to visit African libraries and archives that hold relevant research materials. Additionally, it can be used to visit a research site in Africa or to collaborate with colleagues at another African institution.

Suggested: Program for Recent College Graduates at Ericsson in Nigeria, 2023 (Engineering Positions).

Required Qualifications.

Travel grants for the West African Research Center in 2023 will be awarded to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Anyone from West Africa can apply, but students and faculty at West African educational institutions will be given preference.
  • Prove that you are a brilliant student with outstanding research skills.

How to Apply.

Those who are interested in applying for the West African Research Center Travel Grant 2023 must submit the following information in an online application:

  • Write a brief (50-80 word) summary of the proposed action that explains its significance.
  • Detailing the project/research and why travel is required (no more than 6 double-spaced pages) (must be in language understandable to non-specialist readers)
  • Budget proposal.
  • Example of a Resume or CV (with research and teaching record)
  • Scanned copy of the applicant’s passport (must be a West African national)
  • PDF files are required for all online application submissions.
  • Recommendation letters are required of all applicants.
  • To maximize your time at a conference:

– a summary of the paper to be reviewed

– Confirmation of attendance at the meeting

  • When attending classes at a different school:

– Official invitation from the hosting organization

  • In the case of research trips to distant libraries, archives, or museums:

– a rationale for why these particular collections are crucial to the applicant’s research

  • Graduate students:

– Supporting letter from the professor who will be supervising your research.

The deadline for submission of applications is March 19, 2023.

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


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