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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made up of seven emirates, one of the wealthiest and most populous of which is Dubai. In addition to the countless tourists and business people who visit, the city’s population of over 2,800,000 people comes from over 200 different countries on any given day. 

Because of its cutting-edge technological infrastructure, tax-free lifestyle, and central location at the crossroads of the world’s most important trading continents, Dubai is a great location to conduct business activities. The result of this is progressive prosperity, which is one of the primary reasons why the megacity is considered to be one of the premier locations in the world for luxury vacations, commercial transactions, and more recently, residential. 

In this alluring city-state, a luxurious lifestyle may be found around every corner. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to explore and enjoy Dubai to the maximum extent, although there is a strong Arabic culture that serves as the foundation for local life.

Other nationals who desire to reside and work in Dubai and other parts of the UAE must possess a residence visa or permit. Numerous benefits accompany the possession of a UAE resident permit. EF Global Services is in the business of assisting its clients to get a Dubai resident visa. In this article, we have identified many of the benefits of having a Dubai resident visa, they include the following:

1. The right to own a bank account. You can walk into any bank of your choice for a bank account.

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2. You can easily approach a bank for a personal or business loan without any rejections.


3. You can enter several nations without needing a visa. Some of these countries include Maldives, Georgia, Sri Lanka, etc.


4. You can send your children to any public or private school of your choice.


5. You are entitled to a driver’s license, allowing you to drive anywhere within the UAE.


6. You are eligible for health care and health insurance provided by the government.

7. You have the privilege to work or do business in any part of the UAE.


Nevertheless, to be eligible for a Residency Permit for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will need to fulfill specific eligibility requirements, such as obtaining employment or making an investment in one of the emirates that make up the country.


Eligibility for Dubai Resident Visa

To be eligible for a Residence Visa in the Dubai and indeed the United Arab Emirates, you need to fall into one of the classifications listed below:


You must be under the employment of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) owned organization or a commercial enterprise.


You will be enrolled in a school located in the United Arab Emirates.


To also qualify for a UAE resident permit, you need to be a dependent of an individual who is a citizen or resident of the UAE. That is you can either be a child, parent, maid, or a closely related resident visa holder; or citizen of the UAE.


You can also qualify for a resident visa if you have a financial stake in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) such as an investment of a determined amount.


You have made a real estate acquisition in the UAE.


You desire to spend your golden (retirement) years in the UAE.


Different categories of UAE residency visas

There are several different categories of UAE Residence Visas or permits as you would want to call them, and each one corresponds to a specific reason for travel. Therefore, there are the following:


Work Visa: Non-residents who have secured employment in the United Arab Emirates and have been granted a work permit are eligible to apply for a UAE Work Visa.


Study Visa: Foreign citizens who have been admitted into academic institutions in the United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for a UAE Student Visa.


Family Resident permit: The United Arab Emirates Family Visa is granted to members of a person’s immediate family, whether they are nationals of the UAE or residents of another country.


Business or Investment Visa: Citizens of other countries who make significant investments in the United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for the UAE Investment Visa, sometimes known as a long-term residency visa. Compared to other forms of resident visas, the validity period of this particular visa is significantly longer (up to ten years).

Golden Age or Retirement Visa: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Retirement Visa is granted to senior citizens of countries other than the UAE who have the intention of retiring in the UAE and the financial resources necessary to do so.

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Know the prerequisites for getting a residency permit in the UAE:

Before applying for a Residence Visa in the UAE, you are required to provide many essential documents, such as the following:


The United Arab Emirates Visa Application Form can be purchased online or at the appropriate government office.

Your international passport


Passport photos 2 Nos. These photos must meet the UAE passport size requirement.


Your entrance visa

Documentation attesting to your sponsor’s lawful residency and citizenship in the UAE.


Evidence that you have completed a medical fitness test. This is necessary to show your medical fitness to live in the UAE.


Include proof of your family relationships, such as a birth or marriage certificate, if you are applying for a family visa.


Include evidence of your family relationships, such as a birth or marriage certificate, if you are applying for a family visa.


Your employer must provide a copy of the employment contract, in addition to copies of the company’s active trade license and active firm card, when applying for a work visa on your behalf.

Any other travel documents that are pertinent to the reason for your trip. See UAE Work Visa for further information.


Family visa for the UAE


UAE Student Visa


UAE Investment Visa


UAE Retirement Visa *


All non-UAE citizens who want to live in the UAE on a Residence Visa are required to demonstrate that they are physically healthy by passing a medical exam.


How long can I remain in the country with a Residence Visa for the UAE?

The length of time that you are granted a UAE Residence Visa is determined by the reason why for traveling to the country. However, visas can be obtained from 1 to 3 years and are renewable.


Please note that investment and retirement residency permits, on the other hand, can be awarded for a period of five to ten years and can be renewed.


Should I Renew My Residency Visa Before Expiry:

Yes. Obtain a new United Arab Emirates Residence Visa in time for its expiration

Your Residence Visa needs to be renewed within the last 30 days before it is slated to expire, and your sponsor is responsible for doing so.


However, if it is still within the grace period for the UAE residence visa expiration, your sponsor may also be able to renew your visa after it has expired.


Your sponsor must submit an application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the relevant emirate (Dubai) for your UAE residence visa to be renewed. This process is quite similar to the one that was followed when you first received your visa.


What is the grace period before the UAE Residence Visa expires?

When your visa is about to expire, Dubai authorities will grant you a grace period of thirty days to remain in the country. This indicates that even if your visa has expired, you are permitted to remain in the country for an extra 30 days; but, if you do not have a visa renewal by the end of that period, you must leave the country and re-enter using an entry permit.

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